The brand of oral hygiene preferred by millions of Brazilians, from north to south.

Vegan, Brazilian, the best / cost-benefit in the market: choose your reasons to use the Contente brand everyday in your life!

With more than two decades of activity in the Brazilian and international scenario, the Contente brand has become a reference in terms of quality in the oral care segment. Suavetex Industries (responsible for the manufacture of the Contente brand) has a prominent position among the largest factories of hygiene products in Latin America.

With a manufacturing structure of more than 25,000m², each product developed for the Contente brand has control mechanisms used during the production processes, all designed by our Assured Quality Department. These processes are constantly approved and verified, thus guaranteeing the high standard of excellence of the final product.

Contente has certifications that attest to its high level of commitment to the quality of its products and the excellence of its processes, being able to serve customers like you – who do not give up quality at a fair price.

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